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Black Lives Matter: Take the Knee for George Floyd

Black Lives Matter: Take the Knee for George Floyd

Neighbours from Vartry Road and adjoining roads will be gathering in Manchester Gardens N15, a green space right next to Seven Sisters Rd., at 6pm on Wednesday 10...

Fire in Markfield Project Adventure Playground in Markfield Park

Fire at Markfield Project Playground

The brilliant Markfield Project in Markfield Park, N15, supports children with disabilities & their parents.
There has been a fire in their adventure playground.
Please support...

NHS Scrubs by Mel


Brilliant scrubs made by Mel from locally-donated linen, so duvets, etc.
Looks fantastic!
Well done, Mel!
& thank you to everyone who gave linens!
Hoping to add to the...

Local History from Bruce Castle Museum Archive

Local History from Bruce Castle Museum Archive

"Bruce Castle Museum and Archive may be closed to the public during this period of social isolation, but whilst we all stay at home, you can still access its wealth of history."


Haringey Libraries: eBooks & Audiobooks

"You can download a wide range of audiobooks and eBooks using your Haringey library card. Our eBooks and Audiobooks services are free. All you need is your Haringey library card and pin number."...

Tottenham Food Bank

"Tottenham Foodbank is continuing to operate and support vulnerable people during this difficult time. We've seen an increase in demand due to Covid-19, and a reduction in donations as people can'...

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