Residents Meeting - 23 March 2017

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Vartry Community Residents' Association (VCRA)
Event Date: 
Thursday, 23 March 2017
7.30pm (open from 7pm if you'd like a cuppa)

In February a survey form was delivered to all 500 homes in the area, asking several questions including parking. 66 forms were returned, a 13% response rate - by far the largest participation in any “vote” organised by the residents’ association.

The basic results were as follows:

  • Support for a Controlled Parking Zone – Yes: 49, No: 12, No preference: 5
  • Support for possible road closures – Yes: 32, No: 24, No preference: 10
  • Concern about recent planning applications – Yes 27: No 18: No preference: 9

The fourth question asked residents to state any other concerns.

Most replies were in the related areas of rubbish dumping, litter, rubbish collection and street cleaning.

As promised there will now be a public meeting open to all local residents to discuss these issues.

Local councillors, council officers, the police etc will also be invited.


  1. Minutes of previous meeting
  2. Controlled Parking Zone
  3. Do we want road closures?
  4. Planning issues
  5. Issues relating to rubbish and street cleaning
  6. Any other issues – to be raised by residents at the meeting

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