Green Garden Waste

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We have recently received a leaflet from the council setting out that Veolia will now be taking over the green garden waste collections from 23 October 2017 and that this will now operate on an opt in basis at the cost of £75 a year.

Whilst we appreciate savings need to be made it appears that little thought has been given to rolling out the change in services from hessian bags to wheelie bins in the Vartry Road area. The streets are already overflowing with wheelie bins. Each maisonette property could now potentially have three bins in total making it possible for six wheelie bins to be outside the equivalent of a terraced house. The volume of bins is already unsightly and the proposed change to the collection of the garden waste services will only add to this problem.

Secondly this proposal maybe more practical where bins can be transported between gardens and collection areas but in this neighborhood the wheelie bin will simply sit in the street with garden waste having to be transported through the living space to the bin. Surely the hessian sack method is more suited to the collection of garden waste in our area.

Please let us have your thoughts. People may also have an issue with the proposed charge, but we are also concerned with the addition of further wheelie bins to the area.

In the inevitable event that this will be rolled out regardless of our objections, would the Residents' Association be able to coordinate some form of communal sign up to the change to reduce both the cost and the number of bins?