CPZ Update - 2 January 2018

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We hope to have an update from our local councillors shortly.

"We have commissioned parking demand surveys in the Vartry area and have received the raw data and are in the process of analysing the results to determine the level and extent of any parking problems. This will also help determine potential consultation boundaries.

"As mentioned below, if the parking demand surveys show excessive parking, the next step will be to survey residents to see if they want to be consulted on the introduction of parking controls in the future. Then depending on the result of this perception survey, we will seek permission from the Cabinet Member for Environment to put the area onto the 2018/19 CPZ Programme. However, if the parking demand survey suggest parking pressures are particularly acute, then we may move directly to a public consultation.

"I will be happy to update you once the parking demand surveys have been analysed. I appreciate that it has been some time since your petition was s_ubmitted but we have experienced an unprecedented level of requests for parking controls across the borough and have had to carry out and analyse parking surveys in a large number of roads across the borough and unfortunately this does take some time, with the limited resources we have to hand."

From Haringey Council Parking Schemes Manager