Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)

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Parking problems - a CPZ for our neighbourhood?

Residents are finding it increasingly difficult to park in the neighbourhood. A petition has been submitted to the Council and it is currently being considered.

There was strong support for a Controlled Park Zone (CPZ) at the residents' meeting in March attended by relevant Council representatives. We followed that up, as required by Council procedure with a petition to gather the opinions of local residents. Notices were posted around the neighbourhood.

That petition was then presented to Haringey Council: over 120 votes for ‘yes’ and about 9 votes for ‘no’, so an overwhelming vote in favour of a CPZ. In addition, messages have been posted on this website.

Given the strong ‘yes’ support for the CPZ, we asked the Council to take the next necessary steps to introduce a CPZ to our neighbourhood and confirm by email to us what those steps are, as well as the timeframe.

We have now heard back from the Council under reference WK388066. Here is that response:

"Thank you for the petition (received 12 July) requesting resident parking controls in Vartry Road and other surrounding local roads. I note your comments that one of our Parking Engineers attended a meeting of Vartry Community Residents’ Association (VCRA) back in March and explained how a petition can help.

"The number of signatories certainly confirms the growing parking congestion in this area of the borough which has developed partly as a result of displacement from the recently extended St Ann’s CPZ and also follows additional parking controls introduced by Hackney Council. However there are other causes of parking congestion that we would need to assess and this would very likely require detailed consultation across the wider area

"While traffic management considerations are always the primary factor in our decision making, I have spoken with the parking Manager who informs me that the next stage in the process will be for the Cabinet Member for Environment to consider your petition. We expect to be in a position to give you more information later in August

"Thank you again for taking the time and effort to submit the petition."


I am glad Haringey Council is now considering our CPZ petition. Hope this time something is done. Some months ago, I emailed all three of our local counsillors regarding the issue of parking but I did not even get an acknowledgement of receipt. Not a good sign.
Situation is certainly very bad. The other night I returned after midnight and the only spot I could find was quite a few streets away. Not a safe situation if one is elderly or female.