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Local Services in the Vartry Community area.


Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for a cleaner to do 2 hours every 2 weeks. I live on St Johns Road. Can anyone recommend theirs who might want another job around the corner.

Many thanks


Hi Emma,
we're on St Johns too and I'm sure Gosia, our cleaner, wouldn't mind some more work. I can thoroughly recommend her. Please let me know if you're still interested and I'll check with her. You could drop me a text on 07872 070598. Thanks, Hen

A car was broken into in the early hours of Thursday morning 29th May in Richmond Road. The driver's window was smashed and the sat nav taken. The police have been notified. Please do all you can to minimise risk of break-in to your car and notify the police if you hear or see anything suspicious. Did anybody hear or see anything that may be related to the break-in on Richmond Road this morning?

my computer is out of action. I believe there is a local resident who fixes computers. If anybody has his contact details please phone me on 020 8809 1179 (or leave a message). At present I just use the library computer to check e-mails every couple of days.

Hi - Groundwork /Bernadette are running lots of sessions this autumn in these parks. Leaflets will go out soon.
We have produced a Draft Community Action Plan which we would like to discuss with you either at your next meeting or at a new meeting we can organise at the Triangle.
Please let me know what you'd like me to do - thanks

Hi Bennie,
It would be great to talk to you about the draft community action plan that is being created for Paignton Park and Manchester Gardens. I don't have an email address for you. I am trying to set up a meeting with the residents association.
My email is


Hi everyone,

I've just moved to Vartry Road a couple of months ago, and I'm looking to find a cleaner to do a couple of hours every week. Does anyone use anybody they might be able to recommend ?

Thanks in advance!
Sarah :)

Hi Sarah,

Have you had any luck finding a cleaner? I am also looking for one and we live on Vartry Road.



Hi all,

Are there other cat owners who'd like to form a reciprocal cat feeding group. My wife and I sometimes both go away for work and unfortunately this time our dates clash. We have a lovely cat who will need feeding.

Great to see if anyone nearby could feed the cat for a couple of nights next week, and I'd be happy to reciprocate whenever you're away!

I'd love to start a local cat feeding circle, to help out when people are away.


Hi David - Great idea - send me an email at webmaster@vartry.org. In the meantime, I'm up for feeding your cat. All best Deborah

Hi David

We'd be up for getting involved, and could potentially help you out next week as well - please drop me a line on abisilvester@gmail.com so we can talk cats!


Hi David. Yes I would be very keen to be involved. I have two lovely cats are there are occasions I am away at weekends or late home from work. Really happy to help out with others. I'd be interested how you think it is best week all link up. Debbie

Parking the car has become more and more of a problem I was wondering who much more more people are facing this problem and do we won't to do about it?
My idea is to make a parking restrictions for non residence from
10-11am and
That's one hour in the morning and one hour at night, that will put of non residents of parking or dumping their car for hours or days .
To join and speak to me please email

We have just hired an amazing cleaner named Zina and I'd love to recommend her. She does our flat on Thursdays and she's looking for more work in the neighbourhood. She's super thorough and a lovely person, pretty amazing what she can get done in 2 hours. Highly recommended. We found her through Rated People: https://www.ratedpeople.com/profile/van-ya-cleaning-services/

As the situation with parking continues to deteriorate I wonder if there has been any progress on the request for consultation that the residents association was to request following the last meeting in early October. We can't move forward until this request or such like is made to the council.

There will be a survey circulated locally re CPZ. Should be through your door shortly.

Any movement ? Its just ridiculous now - I have started to ask people who park here why, an they say its because its free. The Volvo garage is just as bad dumping cars all over the place during the day, which I find outrageous- they can't have a business that relies on our street parking!!!

I have recently moved into the neighbourhood and I immediately had a problem with parking. Is Eastbourne road part of the vartry road community or is there an Eastbourne road community as I think we should have controlled parking for a few hours a day. For example 10-11am and 10-11pm as suggested above.

I have been living in this area for nearly 30 years and I feel he problem of parking only became more acute the last 10 years. This may be due to:
1. The building of numerous houses without parking facilities along Seven Sisters Road opposite Manchester Gardens.
2. Double yellow lines at street junctions.
The problem of parking in this area is unlikely to be solely due to office hour parking by people working in the area (although this may have contributed to it) ) as I have difficulty finding a parking space even late at night.

Just to add that I have also, out of frustration, been asking people who I don't recognise as residents why they are parking on Richmond Road. It mainly seems to be the Volvo Garage, or near by residents that could not find parking on their own street! There are always spaces on Richmond Road on a Sunday evening, leading me to believe that this parking issue is indeed due to people who work in the area taking advantage of free parking outside our residences.

We are on Manchester Road and are looking for a good reliable cleaner to come in for two hours every other week. Can anyone recommend someone?


I agree with Roland's assessment above. I have lived in the area for 20 years, and the issue has certainly become a problem in the last 5-10 years.
1. The recently built flats and houses opposite Manchester Gardens all have 'car free' tenancies, according to the literature put through our doors at the time.
2. The CPZ in the Fladbury Road estate across the road doesn't seem to be well used. But then why bother when residents can park for free in our roads?
3. There does appear to be a lot of commuter parking in Heysham, Manchester and Vartry Roads. In addition, people have left their vehicles here for several weeks while they go on holiday! We are within half a mile of Seven Sisters and Manor House tube stations, with good links to all London airports, and the Heysham Road bus stops provide a very convenient park and ride resource!

I fully support the introduction of a CPZ in this area which I feel will reduce stress on residents, also improve the general environment in these streets.

I understand from Haringey that they have received no petition from our community survey which concluded weeks ago. I wonder why this is and in spite of overwhelming support for Cpz at the meeting which took place months and months ago we are no further forward it seems. Something does not add up here! Can anyone explain please. The situation with parking gets worse and worse and even the summer period has brought no reprieve. The possibility of getting free parking now in this small area, one of the only left for miles,is bringing so much traffic through it is becoming a nightmare. I left a previous post about this last Nov.

Haringey Council has received our petition and is currently considering it. For more information, please see our article on this:

Thanks admin for posting. Agree with Evelyn's comment that parking is getting worse. Really frustrating especially as Ben Jackson attended meeting in March and we had 1st petition which we then had to follow up with council procedure for submitting petition..really time consuming. Let's hope we do hear more by end of August (note the date) as traffic build-up is becoming dangerous especially for cyclists.

They did say it at the meeting that it could take some time, but it is frustrating.