Barış Küçük - Vigil - Sunday 9 June 6-7pm

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Barış Küçük

There will be a vigil for Barış Küçük at 6-7pm on Sunday 9 June by Woodberry Down Church on the corner of Seven Sisters & Vartry Roads.

Barış Küçük was stabbed in the leg in the early hours of Saturday 1 June following a suspected street robbery.
He sadly died of his injuries in hospital two days later.

It is a terrible loss to Barış Küçük's family. A terrible event in our community.

We as Vartry Community Residents' Association (VCRA) are making a collection for flowers.
If you would like to contribute, please contact this website or Deborah, who looks after this website.

Any witnesses or anyone with any information is asked to call detectives on 0208 358 0100 or contact via Twitter @MetCC. Quote CAD 1360/1JUN.

To give information anonymously contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or online at

If there are any young people who have information about violence or knife crime, they can visit where they can pass on information anonymously. Fearless is part of the Crimestoppers charity, and is also independent of the police.

If you need help or information to support someone you suspect is involved in knife crime, or you want assistance yourself, then you can visit or LondonNeedsYouAlive.

Statement from the Community where Baris was a member

To the press and the public opinion!

Over the last few years there has been a massive increase in knife attacks in the UK and specifically in London. The rise in the violent knife attacks and gangs in the UK is undoubtedly a result of the austerity measures implemented by the Conservative government.

Only in 2019 up until the end of May over 100 people have been victims of violent knife attacks. Barış Küçük has been the latest victim of these attacks. Barış Küçük, was stabbed in the leg in Haringey by a thug while walking back home.

Ever since it has come to power the conservative government has implemented the policy of austerity in order to overcome the financial crises the country got into as part of global crises in 2008. Like every other area, youth funding has been a part of the cuts the conservative government has implemented. Out of 10’s of youth centres in North London before 2008 only a few have been left open. And those community centres providing youth services are under heavy funding cuts both from the local and central government. It is clear that the rise in the gang culture and violent attacks amongst the youth are directly linked to these cuts and the closures of youth services.

The police have on many occasions turned a blind eye to these gangs and thus violent knife crime that has become a bleeding wound of all our communities.

Our call is clear. We as community groups working with our communities in North London will not turn a blind eye to the problems our young people and our communities are facing. We will at all times resist against policies that directly impact our communities.

If not acted today, tomorrow the victim could be any of us or any of our loved ones.

We call upon the government and all responsible authorities to take immediate measures against gangs and the violence culture.

We will therefore be marching from the Kurdish Community Center where the Family accepts the condolences for Barış, to the scene of the incident on Seven Sisters Road.
Date: Sunday, June 9 Condolence: between 12 and 5pm
March: 5pm
Location: Kurdish Community Center (Kurdish) 11 Portland Gardens N4 1HU
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