AGM - Thursday 1 February 2018

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Minutes posted
Woodberry Down Baptist Church
Corner of Seven Sisters and Vartry Roads


(1) Minutes of last AGM
(2) Report on the last year
(3) Call for volunteers and Election of committee members
(4) Controlled Parking Zone
(5) Victoria Line noise and related issues
(6) Local green spaces – Paignton Park, Manchester Gardens etc
(7) Any other matters of concern to local residents

VCRA Report 2017
In March the most heavily attended residents’ meeting we have held took place. The issue that brought out so many people was whether a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) should be established in our streets. In preparation for the meeting Vartry Community Residents’ Association (VCRA) decided to survey every home in our area. That survey showed a strong preference for a CPZ, but with a number of residents opposed to it. Subsequently a petition was launched which attracted about a hundred signatures in support of a CPZ.
At the meeting a council officer explained the procedure and said that it was likely to take a year or more. Progress has been slow: it took the council a few months to agree to proceed. We believe that an initial survey of parking patterns may have been carried out. The next step should be a formal council survey of resident opinions, hopefully with more information about precise options for the CPZ – details of possible parking restrictions and charges. This will give residents a more informed view of the options and implications before they finally decide if they want a CPZ. There was an update from the council on 2 January:

Another issue raised at that meeting was noise from the Victoria Line which seems to have got worse since the introduction of the night tube. It may be that this noise has now been reduced to some extent, but there are new concerns about noise from the Victoria Line ventilation shaft (on the other side of Seven Sisters Road, close to the Vartry Road junction). Transport for London has been contacted about this and we await a response.

At the meeting we reported the sad death of one of our active committee members, Mary Ramgoolam and our intention to have a tree planted in her name. Enough donations were received to finance this. VCRA has selected a site in Paignton Park and the tree was planted on 18 December 2018.

Also in Paignton Park we have obtained a small council grant to plant a wildflower garden, which will be sited in the polygonal raised bed near the Paignton Road entrance arch. Another issue affecting the park is the decline of the children’s playground. The play equipment was installed over ten years ago and some repairs or replacements are needed.

This is just a summary of some of the local issues over the last year. I would like to stress that I think the Vartry area is essentially a good place to live, so the residents’ association’s aim is to maintain and improve conditions in the area. The association is run entirely by volunteers and if we had more active members we could achieve more. At our Annual General Meeting a fresh committee will be elected new faces are always welcome.

David Bennie
VCRA Chair

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